Placenta Encapsulation Booking Form

This form is specifically to book Placenta Encapsulation. If you want to contact me about something else click here.

Ts&Cs and FAQs

Preferred Contact:
This is the support person (partner, doula, midwife, etc) who will handle the pick up and drop off on your behalf if you so choose.

Product Information:
Balms and Tinctures are currently unavailable, however these can be made for you at a later date using 2-3 of your capsules per product. 
In the event that you baby is born with the caul (with part of the amniotic sac over their head or face, also known as “under the veil”) or en caul (inside the completely unbroken amniotic sac) a keepsake may also be made out of the sac membranes if you so desire, dependent on their condition. Caul babies throughout history were thought to possess special powers and cauls were often dried and used as protective totems against drowning. If you wish for this to happen please advise upon pickup of the placenta. 
If you do not want a keepsake of the cord or membranes these will be incorporated into the pills. 

Payment can be made to the following bank account using your name as a reference. Installment payments are welcome by negotiation, however the service must be paid in full before your placenta will be collected. Westpac Bank BSB: 034-254 Account Number: 228887

Refund Policy:
In the event that you no longer wish your placenta to be encapsulated you will be refunded all monies paid minus a 10% cancellation fee of the total cost of your order. No refund will be offered once you receive your products. No refund will be offered in the event that you dislike your capsules or do not find them to be effective.

Placenta Handling and Pick Up: 
If you remember to, please let me know via text or phone call when you have gone into labour (if you forget please don’t worry, it’s just so I know to be ready). Once your baby has been born please let me know when you are ready for the placenta to be picked up. Please take your time, I do not need to pick up the placenta immediately following the birth, it is more important that you bond with your baby with minimal disruption. Please do not contact me between the hours of 9pm and 7am. 
If I am able to pick up your placenta within 6 hours no special handling will be required. Otherwise, please place your placenta in the refrigerator (please do not freeze your placenta as this will increase the processing time). If you are in hospital and cannot access a refrigerator some ice/cold packs in the bucket the hospital places your placenta in will be sufficient. 
Your placenta will take between 24 and 48 hours to process. During very busy times of the year processing times may slightly increase due to the amount of time needed to properly sterilise equipment between clients. Once your products are ready I will contact you and arrange drop off to your preferred location. 

Safety Considerations:
I have a dedicated workspace in which I process placentas. Wherever possible equipment is single use, and all other equipment is sterilised with medical grade sterilization solution. I have qualifications in Blood Borne Pathogens, Universal Precautions, Hand Hygiene, and Food Safety, and I am a student midwife.  

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact me.