Breastfeeding Support

My personal breastfeeding journey has been long and varied, and I have personal experience with tongue ties, tandem feeding, extended feeding (past age 2), express feeding and donor milk, and feeding a baby through an extended hospitalization. I am currently completing a Certificate IV in Breastfeeding Counselling through the Australian Breastfeeding Association, and my post-partum doula training included a substantial module on establishing breastfeeding and overcoming feeding challenges.

I am able to use this experience to assist my clients overcome breastfeeding challenges and make the most appropriate decisions for themselves, their babies and their families (the most appropriate decision is not always exclusive breastfeeding). I am also very happy to consult with non-clients via email about any breastfeeding challenges you may be having.

For in-depth breastfeeding information, phone or online counselling, and to find a local support group of like-minded mums, I highly recommend contacting the Australian Breastfeeding Association directly.